Sep 3, 2011

AQUABASE meets a Whale Shark off Kuching while diving

During the diving season from April up to September, diving here in Kuching of Sarawak brings a lot of unbelievable chances to see many different marine lives on each different dive points. Manta Ray, Dolphins, Sea Turtles…The other day, while being underwater at one of our famous dive sites off Kuching, a cute whale shark took some remoras with her suddenly appeared and even came to divers as if she wanted to greet and say hello!! to us. Whale sharks coming to Kota Kinabalu every year are quite famous for divers but not in Kuching. And all of us including our dive master were surprised her super friendly attitude toward us because she was not scared at all and rather she seemed to play with us forever. The whale shark was with us underwater for about 15minutes or so. And more surprisingly, even we are on the surface interval, she was swimming around the boat for another 15minutes. Amazing! Just amazing! We thank the wonderful gift from Kuching’s underwater. Unfortunately, none of us didn’t bring underwater camera with us while scuba diving but these were taken while we were on the boat. Our guest from Europe did played with here with snorkel for a while..

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